“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is February 2016. My whole life has consisted of February being Black History Month. In school, we would learn every day about a new person who did something profound. I was very interested because I was white, I had black friends, and I loved history. My history teacher when I got into middle school made things very interesting in class. It was hard not to love history. As I grow older, I try to remember all of the things I was taught. Luckily, I have Google to remember all that I may have forgotten or have yet to learn!

Black history month is not just black history, but American history. We all need to celebrate the accomplishments of a race that was, and in some cases still are, oppressed for many years. The accomplishments that were achieved despite all of the nonsensical maltreatment. People are people, humans are humans. I will never understand how one group of people feel as though they are superior to others. I will never be able to comprehend how someone feels they have any right to take away from another.

Some people feel as though Black History Month should be abolished. Despite how you feel, I will continue to teach my children, and those who will listen, the great efforts of these historical figures.



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